Shaw Living-Primary Care
  The next time you are sick, call "Shaw Living" for Primary Care.  Our Primary Care offerings first began to serve the vast number of women who do not have a family physician.  A growing number of busy women would prefer to keep records, prescription needs, and medical care under one roof.  "Shaw Living" is here to serve women with and without a family physician.  We are able to see patients regarding common illnesses, those who need preliminary testing for referrals to specialists, and patients requiring health management services for chronic conditions such as: High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Weight Management, and Depression.  We always strive to care for the total woman and bringing on a primary care service is another way that we can do that. So, whatever your health need, start with the group who knows you best.  
Shaw Living has been recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home.  This means we have a team that consists of nurses, support staff and your Shaw Living primary care clinician that work with you to meet all of your health care needs.  By following evidence-based guidelines for health care, your team will coordinate to provide the best health care services possible for you.