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Shaw Living

Our patients may not share the same health issues, but they do share the same doctor. Our OB-GYNs go to great lengths to earn our patients’ trust, and we value strong doctor-patient relationships.

Primary Care for Women

Our focus is on healthcare for women.  We see patients through virtually every phase of life:  from adolescence, through the reproductive years and childbirth, and into menopause and beyond.  Our providers go to great lengths to earn our patients’ trust, and we value a strong doctor-patient relationship –  one that is built over many years.

Now beginning its fifth decade of service, Shaw Center for Women’s Health is meeting the increasing challenges in today’s healthcare environment with technology, expanded hours and services, wellness programs, and new providers.  With seven board-certified physicians, three nurse practitioners, a certified dietician, and a licensed clinical social worker leading a staff of about 40 medical professionals….. Shaw Center is launching a new contemporary practice model to become a patient-centered medical home for women.

The patient-centered medical home is a nationally accredited quality model of care provided by physician practices that seek to strengthen the physician-patient relationship by replacing episodic care based on illnesses and patient complaints with coordinated care and a long-term health and healing relationship.  The annual well-woman appointment culture in a traditional OB/GYN office is a natural vehicle for launching a medical home practice model. Health and wellness are best accomplished where each patient has an on-going relationship with a personal physician, leading a team that takes collective responsibility for patient care.  The medical home practice model also emphasizes enhanced care through open scheduling with expanded hours and increased communication between patients, physicians, and practice staff. We know that women are the primary caregivers in their families…but we often neglect ourselves.

Primary Care

Behavior Health



Medical Care Under One Roof

We see patients through virtually every phase of life so whatever your next health need, start with the group who know you best. Call ‘Shaw Living” for Primary Care. 

The Shaw Team Mission

The Shaw Team’s mission has always been to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and contemporary care for women at each stage of life.  We have re-designed and re-defined our practice model in order to more successfully carry out that mission.  We extend an invitation to the women of the region to choose Shaw as their medical home…. You take care of everyone else……let us take care of you.”

Our Primary Care offerings began to serve the vast number of women who do not have a family physician.  A growing number of busy women would prefer to keep records, prescription needs, and medical care under one roof. 

“Shaw Living”  is here to serve women without a family physician.  We are able to see patients regarding common illnesses and for those who need preliminary testing for referrals to specialists. We always strive to care for the total woman and bringing on a primary care service is another way that we can do that.